Saturday, November 3, 2012

She Is Next To Me.

This is one more narration of my best friend Mr.XXX who narrated me which I tried to put in my own words. Hope I made it!!!!
Sometimes it’s very hard to write some memories. Not because they are tough to explain but actually they are so painful that even thinking about those real incidents fills your eyes with tears and shakes your body in pain. I am writing about such memories which whenever I recollect it just make me lost in that world which is impossible for me to live in real as it is too far to think about it.

After a long fight for an impossible love , I finally gave up! I loved her with my heart, gave her my soul, my world was her and no one else... Now I see her with love, but "not love" the love I felt at the beginning of our relationship, I could hold her, and tell her how much I love her, but without pain.
She is sitting next to me right now, and I just love to see her face and contemplate her actions, her eyes, oh how I love her beautiful eyes... I fall in love with her beautiful eyes, shiny like the stars and clear like the sky! Nothing matter for me but her eyes, every chance I get, I just love to stare at them and imagine the past, the past that one time brought us together and made us happy!
How could I forget about her, if she is next to me all the time, how could I forget about her? How could no love her? Every night I say good night and every night I touch her face...Impossible, unbelievable,unreal...
All I want is someone to hold tight and to love me back...
I want someone to tell me
"I love you" "
"I need you"

Is that going to happen someday soon? I do not know!

Her presence makes me melt still, even if there is nothing left... My heart beats so fast every time I see her, every time I feel her... But there is nothing there to hold us tight, to bring us together again!

I lost her, but yet she still next to me...