Friday, June 22, 2012

An Apple Man- Bharat Jain

In this I am going to share my thoughts and feeling for one of my close friend Bharat Jain who is very much fan and addicted to Apple products. He had used all the product of Apple till date and if I am not wrong it may be his next target to purchase I phone 5S.
He is the person who made me aware of importance of technology. I was not so use to technology rather I can say was uneducated in terms of technology but when I came in contact with Bharat Jain my view and thought towards  technology completely got  changed and I started taking interest on using technology in my routine work specially Apple products.
I and Bharat Jain knows each other very well since more than 2 years and sharing good relationship as close friend.Whenver I face any problem particularly in my office, I never hesitate to discuss with him. In this year’s we had shared joy and sorrow with each other. We also once had huge fight all because of my stupidity but then also he never made me feel hurt for my stupidity and instead he was calmly making me understand.
He is the main reason for me started writing blog. He is the reason why my gmail,yahoo accounts are systematic. He is the reason y I read about technology in stumbleupon. If today I know few terms in latest technology it’s all because of Bharat Jain.
I should mention one of the fact which portrays how much he is fan of Apple product. He should be counted in one of the few Indian who purchased first Iphone directly from USA even before apple launched its product in Indian Market. So people know u can imagine how much he is crazy for Apple products. This was just one example like this there are many to talk upon.
Like this I  can go on write about him ,his craziness for Apple and our friendship but let me precisely end by saying that his presence in my life had changed my outlook towards Technology, office culture and of course Apple products. 
I take this opportunity to thank you Bharat for everything you had shared with me and supporting me whenever I needed a good companion and tutor in my life.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Some of the Important realization happened in my life

The below mentioned list is exhaustive and only contain few things which I am able to recollect so if I happened to miss anything please let me know by making your comments.
1.      The value of money was first realised by me was when I had my hair cut for rs.550 at JUICE SALOON,Inorbit Mall. I can never forget that in my life as it was the most expensive hair cut I had till know.
2.      The value of getting importance in someone life was realised by me when one of my gud frnd told me that my presence in her life does not create much difference as I give diamond value of  her presence in my life. After this I started realizing that there are ppl who consider me as most important person in their life and started spending quality time with them.
3.      The value of love was realized by me when I fel in luv .The experience is immense and cannot be expressed in words. The sad part of this was it was only one side love and I never dared to speak about it to that person but still I pray “ Kash we both have been together at least for One day so that I can cherish that memories forever”
4.      The value of failure was realized by me when I flunked for the first time in my life at CA-Final exam.The pain was deep but recovered soon and still fighting hard to clear the exam. Frankly speaking still I feel the pain but with my family and friends support make it sure that no negative thoughts overtake me.
5.      The value of care was realised by me in many occasion but to be specific after my parents it is my best friends who care for my life and well-being.
6.      The value of ignorance was being realised when one of my best friend started ignoring me without any reason.
7.      The value of time was realized by me for the first time when I was in class tenth and preparing for my board exams. But know after getting into work culture the realization is being made each day by completing tasks and expectations of boss and family.
8.      The value of fear was realized by me when I saw my shop being getting destroyed by setting fire on it by street mafia’s in front of my eyes. This happened way back in 2008, now also when I recollect that incident my body shivers due to fear.
9.      The value of lust was realized by me when my house was sold for settling the debt of my dad . Since that took place me wanting to have own house as soon as possible.
10.  The value of responsibility was being realised to me by one of my best friend at Inorbit mall having a long chat over my current status and about my future expectations and role.
11.  The value of respect was realised by me when I for the first time went to my client place Ispat Industries Ltd. . Seriously the way all i.e. from peon to President of the company was treating me was making me feel like I am such an important and intelligent person.(Blushing).
12.  The value of sharing was realised  my mother since my childhood by making it a compulsory rule  at our home to share everything we get and luckily it has become habit for all three of us know.( Asha,Ram & Rahul).
13.  The value of feeling pride was realized by me when I for the first time sat on my comfort chair with laptop and telephone in my work table at my well-furnished office. Still cherishing that moment. It happened on January 10, 2007.
14.  The value of  embarrassment was realised for the first time when I was asked to speak on the topic of India’s prime minister and I was not able to utter a single word.Lolz
15.  The value of surprise was realized by me when all my friends organized surprise birthday party for me on 12th April,2009. I swear it was the greatest surprise and blasting birthday I ever had in my life as all my near & dear ones was present.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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