Tuesday, December 25, 2012

100 Things I Love About Poornima(Chikoo) my bestest best friend


  1. I love how you always make me smile
  2. I love how cute and adorable you can be
  3. I love the kindness that you show
  4.  I love how you can always there for me.
  5. I love how open-minded you are
  6.  I love your gentleness with me
  7.  I love hearing your laughter
  8. I love you still when you're a mess
  9.  I love the sound of your sweet voice
  10.  I love how much you've taught me about life and myself
  11.  I love how you're so creative and artistic
  12.   I love how you always bring out the best in me
  13.  I cherish your devotion
  14. I love your unique style
  15.  I love your honesty
  16. I love how you accept me for who I am
  17. I love the way you always encourage me to do my best
  18.  I love how you always seem to cheer me up whenever I'm blue.
  19. I love your sense of humor.
  20.  I love how modest you are
  21. I love how patient you are with me
  22.  The way you always understand me.
  23.  I love how I can tell you anything
  24.  I love how photogenic you are.
  25.  I love your colorful personality
  26.  I love how tenderly you worry about me
  27.  I love the inner child in you
  28.  I love the way we share our hopes and dreams
  29. I love listening to you speak
  30.  I love how we can talk and chat for hours
  31.  I love how your so understanding
  32.  I love that we have differences and the way we can accept and respect them
  33.  I love how we both like to make up our own new words.
  34.  I love your compliments
  35.  I love going out with you
  36.  I love that we are best friends
  37.  I love that you laugh at my jokes no matter how cheesy
  38.  I love how you can just speak your mind
  39.  I love how your not afraid to tell me your feelings
  40.  I love you that you love my  flaws
  41.  I love how you always seem to make my day
  42.  I love how you appreciate me
  43.  I love the sound of your name uttered aloud(chikoooooo)
  44.  I love how kind you are to your friends
  45.  I love how we can share a good anime together
  46.  I love spending time with you and just hanging out
  47.  I love how you can be so feisty
  48.  I love how I can always believe in you
  49.  I love the way you have boost my self-confidence
  50.  I love the way you make me feel like a million bucks
  51. I love the way you let me spoil you
  52.  I love how you let me call you sweet pet names
  53.  I love how you are always concerned about me & my well-being
  54.  I love how supportive you are of me and the things I do
  55.  I love how you talk about our future
  56.  I love the way you inspire me to learn and improve my English
  57.  I love your courage.
  58.  I love how respectful you are.
  59.  I love your imagination
  60.  I love your ability to bounce back even from the roughest of situations
  61.  I love your enthusiasm
  62. I love the way you love music
  63.  I love how you never let me down
  64.  I love the way you always call to talk even when I feel bad that I can hardly hear anything on the other line.
  65. I love how you were there for me, even when I was always getting sick
  66.  I love the way you say "Hello".
  67.  I love sharing fun facts with you
  68.  I love how I can call you/txt you anytime and anywhere
  69.  I love how you value your future and education
  70.  I love every precious memory I have of us together
  71.   I love how I can tell you about the most strangest, smallest things and you'd still find it interesting
  72.  I love how you always seem to be proud of me
  73.  I love how genuinely happy you are for me.
  74.  I love how tolerant and accepting you are of many different types of people.
  75.  I love doing things together with you.
  76.  I love how cute you are when you're being lazy
  77.  I love your beautifully long eyelashes
  78. I  love the way you let me tease you (which now that I think about it, isn't really fair…)
  79. I love the way you genuinely try to help me
  80.  I love the polite way you talk to people
  81.  I love how you have a firm head on your shoulders
  82.  I love the way you comfort me whenever I feel tensed for any issues.
  83.  I love how you express the things that bug and annoy you
  84. I love how much of a good person you are
  85.  I love your maturity (Mani and stef don’t laugh)
  86. I love being personal with you
  87.  I love that you always remember my favorite things
  88. I love how beautiful and clean your teeth are(lolz….)
  89.  I love how there is never a dull moment
  90. I love how  you try to make fun of me with manisha
  91.  I love all the expressions your face makes
  92.  I love that you have values and morals
  93.  I love your overall positive attitude
  94. I love how sometimes you ask for my opinion; and truly value it
  95.  I love how you don't interrupt me when I'm speaking
  96. I love you more than yesterday
  97. I love you more than today
  98. I'll love you tomorrow more and more
  99. I love how my love just grows and grows
  100. I love how I still want to share so many things with you.
  101. I love the fact that the lists and love never ends~
  102. Be like this only chikoo..I love you and also SPAM loves you…….

Friday, December 7, 2012

About my bestest best friend - Stefina Rayan(Chinni)

  1. She is incredibly pretty, I am soo jealous! X
  2. She is adorable
  3. She has the cutest smile
  4. She is going to marry ?????????? :D
  5. She is has the best taste in everything.
  6. She is fussy
  7. She is not lazy, like me :D
  8. She is seriously the coolest person I know
  9. She has the most interesting personality
  10. She is level-headed
  11. She is inspiration to everything I do (especially writing scripts!)
  12.   It is physically impossible to hate on this girl
  13. She has a stalker ;)
  14. She evens it out because she IS a stalker.
  15. She is so hard to be away from, I miss her every weekend
  16. She is one of the first people I think of to come to for advice and to cheer me up!  
  17.   She has a dirty sense of humour
  18. She is really easy going
  19. She doesn’t lie to me :) ( Kidding)
  20. She loves animals (especially her cat!)
  21. She is always hypo, except for 7 am in the morning… lolz
  22. She is always really nice (and if shes mean its just teasing!)
  23. She is cool headed
  24. She is REALLY talented
  25. She is seriously one of the most amazing people I have ever met and I can’t NOT smile when I look at her
  26. We have a GAZILLION private jokes
  27. She has awesome fashion choices that I am going to steal
  28. She has really pretty eyes! (No creeper, I swear!)
  29. She is sarcastic
  30. She is pretty optimistic!
  31. She can be a bit of a pessimist and a cynic, and its why I love her!
  32. She is an internet addict. (Oh admit it)
  33. She gives EXCELLENT advice.
  34. She is completely RAAANNNDOOOMMMMM
  35. She can read my mind (no super powers lol)
  36. She looks great IN everything
  37. She looks great DOING everything
  38. She is awesome at arts
  39. She makes me crack up by just looking at me
  40. She is SO camera-genic, it’s maddening!
  41. She is a HIGH ACHIEVER! (lol!)
  42. She love reading comics
  43. She makes funny faces teehee!
  44. She is a TOTAL bully
  45.   She is always determined
  46.   She is GORGEOUS.
  47. She can just spontaneously burst in to song and dance……TROLOLOLOLOLOLOL!
  48. She is an animal lovaaa!
  49. She has amazing self esteem for some of the people she puts up with, like me, of course, and various crazies in our life. :)
  50. She is also childish
  51. She makes ANYTHING stimulating and interesting and worth doing!
  52. She is SOO cleaver and creative!
  53. She always has open arms to run up and hug!
  54. She would never, ever, ever go behind my back
  55.   She is the most loyal person on this planet
  56. She wants everyone to accept their greatness, and it pĂ®sses her off when they don’t
  57. You must agree with this girl or she will scream her opinion
  58. She is proud to have more than 50 things I love about her!!
  59. She is always pushing me to do my best and i love her for it!
  60. She is one of the few people that make me cry, that I would literally DIE for.
  61. She is probably reading through this either blushing, laughing (no I KNOW she’ll laugh actually) and denying half the things on this list. By the end of this she will come to term with how awesome she is and then she’ll comment and Whatsapp me.
  63. Thank you for always being closest to me
  64. Thank you for never giving up on our friendship, for never shrugging and being like “Eh, things change, people change” and drifting away vaguely because we’re victims of circumstance.
  65. Thank you for taking care of me in every way possible, for being there when no one else was or wanted to be and when you didn’t even have to be.
  66. Thank you for always being fun even when we’re not having fun. I don’t know how else to explain that.
  67. Thank you for believing in me when I was too weak and exhausted to believe in myself. Thank you for pushing me, for repeating those affirmations that don’t mean anything in inspirational films but mean everything when someone who cares about you says them. Thank you for not judging me when I did something really stupid, but also thanks for telling me I was an idiot and probably shouldn’t have done the stupid thing. Thank you for always being honest.
  68. Thank you for doing all the things a real best friend does; for letting me sob into your shoulder
  69.   Love you Stefina Rayan. Hope we continue this forever…..

Birthday Gift for My bestest Best frnd - Manisha Pinto

Saturday, November 3, 2012

She Is Next To Me.

This is one more narration of my best friend Mr.XXX who narrated me which I tried to put in my own words. Hope I made it!!!!
Sometimes it’s very hard to write some memories. Not because they are tough to explain but actually they are so painful that even thinking about those real incidents fills your eyes with tears and shakes your body in pain. I am writing about such memories which whenever I recollect it just make me lost in that world which is impossible for me to live in real as it is too far to think about it.

After a long fight for an impossible love , I finally gave up! I loved her with my heart, gave her my soul, my world was her and no one else... Now I see her with love, but "not love" the love I felt at the beginning of our relationship, I could hold her, and tell her how much I love her, but without pain.
She is sitting next to me right now, and I just love to see her face and contemplate her actions, her eyes, oh how I love her beautiful eyes... I fall in love with her beautiful eyes, shiny like the stars and clear like the sky! Nothing matter for me but her eyes, every chance I get, I just love to stare at them and imagine the past, the past that one time brought us together and made us happy!
How could I forget about her, if she is next to me all the time, how could I forget about her? How could no love her? Every night I say good night and every night I touch her face...Impossible, unbelievable,unreal...
All I want is someone to hold tight and to love me back...
I want someone to tell me
"I love you" "
"I need you"

Is that going to happen someday soon? I do not know!

Her presence makes me melt still, even if there is nothing left... My heart beats so fast every time I see her, every time I feel her... But there is nothing there to hold us tight, to bring us together again!

I lost her, but yet she still next to me...

Friday, September 21, 2012

True Love

I think people only focus so intensely on love because they realize they need it. If you've been in love once in your life it would be hard to ignore that empty feeling that you would have inside. That void or gap that can only be filled by that one type of love.

Many have risked all just to have this love, risked their lives, their families lives, risked everything, all for the sake of love. I agree, love normally comes when you least expect it, sometimes from the most unlikely sources.

But be careful when you take a bite of this fruit, for it will open your eyes. And when you truly find it you will not cover yourself up, you will not die. On the contrary, you will open yourself up uncovering all that you once hid, and you will feel as though new life has been poured into your spirit. This is the curse of the loved ones. But a beautiful curse this surely is. And blessed are those that get to taste of its bitter sweet nectar.

Sad to say very few have ever felt true love. Very few know what true love is. No its not easy, but its worth it. And there is nothing more worthy of our devotion on this planet.

LOVE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. It will also change you.