Friday, September 21, 2012

True Love

I think people only focus so intensely on love because they realize they need it. If you've been in love once in your life it would be hard to ignore that empty feeling that you would have inside. That void or gap that can only be filled by that one type of love.

Many have risked all just to have this love, risked their lives, their families lives, risked everything, all for the sake of love. I agree, love normally comes when you least expect it, sometimes from the most unlikely sources.

But be careful when you take a bite of this fruit, for it will open your eyes. And when you truly find it you will not cover yourself up, you will not die. On the contrary, you will open yourself up uncovering all that you once hid, and you will feel as though new life has been poured into your spirit. This is the curse of the loved ones. But a beautiful curse this surely is. And blessed are those that get to taste of its bitter sweet nectar.

Sad to say very few have ever felt true love. Very few know what true love is. No its not easy, but its worth it. And there is nothing more worthy of our devotion on this planet.

LOVE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. It will also change you.

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