Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Me & My Hubby Ganesh Kutty

After almost 4 years 2 months of GAP , I am here back with new topic and a sea change post. I am going to write about my experience with my husband Ganeshbabu. Yes Guys, I am married!!!!!. Since I have a habit of writing in bullet points,so do will I continue with this post. M going to share my understanding and love for my husband. The experience is new and hence thought of putting in my blog.  It is also told that after few years ur priority changes and also luv& affetion. So, I would like to capture all the moments so that after few years later I can reconcile... SO SMART NA!!!
Ganesh is a defense guy, work for GREF (Ministry of defense). He luv his job and his wife(heeee)..... So lets start about Ganesh and what i hv noted abt him since tis last Six month.

  1. He is an Innocent Person who believe in  Simple life style.
  2. His Smile.
  3. His punctuality.
  4. He is great lover. The way he express is unique mixture.lolz.
  5. I can be myself around him except for alcohol.He hate to drink alcohol, cigarette etc. He is strictly against it. Even in his camp if its -17 degree temperature he would choose to have spicy food instead of alcohol.
  6. He is Straight forward.
  7. How he can fix anything.
  8. He is not afraid to speak his mind. Even if its wrong. hahaha.. but admit very quickly  when he realizes that he was wrong except alcohol. lolz.
  9. His love for tradition,language and heritage.
  10. He respect relations & their values.
  11. He admit his mistake quickly.( I make sure to increase his mistake list..heeee)
  12. He helps anyone who needs it.
  13. He encourage me in all respect.
  14. He listens to me.
  15. He luvs to travel and explore places.
  16. He likes south Indian food
  17. He is protective ,possessive and extra caring person.
  18. He is honest and transparent.
  19. He make sure all the decisions are taken together.
  20. He knows cooking.
  21. The way he oil my hair.
  22. He learn new things quickly and accept it only if logically he find to be worth.
  23. He likes old 1980's Tamil songs.
  24. He like sensible Tamil movies.
  25. We are currently not leaving together as his duty is posted in Leh ladak and m residing in Mumbai, so he likes talking to me continuously over the phone. 
  26. His Tamil slangs.
  27. His style of saying "love you","Miss U", " Wanna See you"  over the phone.
  28. The way he takes pride on me.
  29. The best part he is against Corruption.
  30. He is MINE!!!!!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014


1.       To keep track  of my daily expenses – Achieved partially
2.       To cut down leisure expenses – Achieved In majority
3.       To spend more quality time with family – It should have been to spend more time in office..lolz
4.       To stop saying unnecessary lie  - Achieved completely
5.       To stop taking any activity for granted - Achieved partially
6.       To reach office by 10 o’clock.- No comments!!!!
7.       To cultivate habit of speaking in English.- Achieved partially
8.       To stop having illogical conversation. – No comments
9.       To stop wasting time in all manner. – No comments
10.   To concentrate on upgrading my skills and competence – Achieved partially
11.   To join ICAI course – Not achieved
12.   To make a saving of Rs.1000000/- - No comments
13.   To sleep by 11.00 pm – Not achieved
14.   To learn cooking food – Not achieved
15.   To change my dressing style. – Not upto mark
16.   To increase vocabulary knowledge.- Not upto mark
17.   To make 100 new friends.- partially achieved
18.   To visit 10 new place.- achieved in majority
19.   To invest in real estate.- Not achieved
20.   To get 5 new clients.- Partially achieved
21.   To repay all my debts – Achieved in majority
22.   To make daily note of experience in draft (hotmail). No comments
23.   To be a good daughter/ good friend/ citizen/professional. – No comments
24.   To have own 500 posts in my blog.- Not achieved

25.   To be thankful to god as going to support me for whatever resolution I promise to follow.- Lolz