Thursday, January 2, 2014


1.       To keep track  of my daily expenses – Achieved partially
2.       To cut down leisure expenses – Achieved In majority
3.       To spend more quality time with family – It should have been to spend more time in office..lolz
4.       To stop saying unnecessary lie  - Achieved completely
5.       To stop taking any activity for granted - Achieved partially
6.       To reach office by 10 o’clock.- No comments!!!!
7.       To cultivate habit of speaking in English.- Achieved partially
8.       To stop having illogical conversation. – No comments
9.       To stop wasting time in all manner. – No comments
10.   To concentrate on upgrading my skills and competence – Achieved partially
11.   To join ICAI course – Not achieved
12.   To make a saving of Rs.1000000/- - No comments
13.   To sleep by 11.00 pm – Not achieved
14.   To learn cooking food – Not achieved
15.   To change my dressing style. – Not upto mark
16.   To increase vocabulary knowledge.- Not upto mark
17.   To make 100 new friends.- partially achieved
18.   To visit 10 new place.- achieved in majority
19.   To invest in real estate.- Not achieved
20.   To get 5 new clients.- Partially achieved
21.   To repay all my debts – Achieved in majority
22.   To make daily note of experience in draft (hotmail). No comments
23.   To be a good daughter/ good friend/ citizen/professional. – No comments
24.   To have own 500 posts in my blog.- Not achieved

25.   To be thankful to god as going to support me for whatever resolution I promise to follow.- Lolz

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