Wednesday, June 8, 2011

51 things I wan to do in my life.

  1. Wan to become ca
  2. Wan to go short trip to Shimla
  3. Wan to go esselworld
  4. Learn Salsa
  5. Give a Speech in front of atleast 100 people
  6. Be a Pen friend with someone.
  7. To drink Alcohol atleast once
  8. Wan to meet A.P.J.Abdul kalam
  9. To watch movie one full day without missing a single show.
  10. Send parents to world tour
  11. Surprise my brothers with gifts
  12. Own house & car
  13. Learn to play guitar
  14. Learn to speak fluent English
  15. Learn atleast 10 new language
  16. Learn Skating
  17. Do river Rafting
  18. Resigning Job which I don’t like
  19. Identify someone who had inspired me in life
  20. Be a mentor to someone
  21. Be a best freind to someone
  22. Give surprise to someone
  23. Perform a kind deed
  24. Write a blog
  25. Experience a sunrise
  26. Visit a waterfall
  27. Get a complete make over
  28. Be a matchmaker for atleast one friend
  29. Win a lucky draw
  30. Be a president of a company
  31. Open own company or firm
  32. Own the costliest watch in this universe.
  33. Gift someone most expensive thing.
  34. Bake a cake for someone special
  35. Scold a politician in front of public
  36. Throw a mega party when I clear CA exam
  37. Own Apple laptop ( latest edition)
  38. Trekking in a deep forest
  39. Drive a heavy bike.
  40. Learn karate
  41. Operate train
  42. Goto NASA
  43. Go for a long walk with someone
  44. Go on a cruise
  45. Have a ride on helicopter
  46. Fall in love
  47. Visit a castle in England
  48. Go to a most romantic place in thi world
  49. To go out of india with friends atleast for one month.
  50. To spend 1 week all alone.
  51. To suggest someone write bucket list.

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