Thursday, January 20, 2011

For True Success Ask the Four Questions:

Why?, Why Not? Why Not Me? Why Not Now?

Most of us are very poor critics of ourselves. We can easily criticize others and discover what is wrong with them, and we can easily build up an argument of our own side of the situation; but it is a far more difficult thing to be a self-critic-to take the situation that comes into our life and sit down with it frankly and say: "What did I do, or what have I said, that has contributed to this situation?"

There is not a person reading this page who is living up to his or her own possibilities. If you feel in a pretty much of a chaos, frustrated, lots of trouble and worry, just turn the searchlight on yourself and you will discover an available source of power. When you open up the channels and the avenues for that power, it will flood your soul and you will find yourself developing strength and poise, a solidarity, a feeling of security, that nothing on earth can shake! 

Is there jealousy in your heart? Is there envy? Opposition? Don't expect a miracle if you retain an obstacle. There is some disciplining you must do. You have got to clear out the old festering sores of your heart. Perhaps you have lied about someone; perhaps you have been unkind; perhaps you have been slandered and gossiped. Perhaps you have been "little" when you should have been "big".

How can we transmit our ideals into action so that these ideals can have sway in our lives? Well, we have to begin in our own hearts. When we clear away all the clutters up the channels, the heart and mind are cleansed, the head becomes rarified and the old jealousies, animosities and hatreds are uprooted, and then, though trouble may come in and flood and encompass our lives, there still is a power that reveals our own possibilities. The mere fact that none of us is living up to his best does not predicate that we never can.

Set no barriers for yourself. Admit no barricades or obstacles. Anything in the way? Look at it, examine it, analyze your relationship to the self-construction of it, clean up your own life and there will be an influx of that power to which there is no limit-unlimited you! You are unlimited! There is no limit for you!

                                 You Have Ambition.
                                 You have a Goal.
                                 Now you have a way
                                 to make it Happen.

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