Thursday, January 13, 2011

7 Days to go

Hi readers, my CA- Final result is going to be getting declared on 21st Jan’2011.
So just thought of sharing the experience about the  mixture of thoughts going in mind as more 7 days to go …………
Yes frnds, countdown got started on that day when I wrote my first paper on 08.11.2010. As and wen I use to get closer to my last paper, tension use to get shoot up as whatever I can give to my best in the exam I had showed in tat Three Hours and know its all in the hand of examiner & GOD……..Nw finally more 7 days to go that means result have already being printed it just curtain need to be removed…. Freak!!!! If it’s a  good result JUST IMAGINE frnds tat night will B my FIRST BEST  NIGHT as I WILL be CA……..Frnds I can just visualize & feel it  right knw tat super experience of  21st night……Me sleeping on my bed that night as usual but with the tag of Chartered Accountant……OHHHHH MYYYYY GODDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!. It’s the beautiful feeling & the best gift for the hard work which was put on in past 5 months for getting prepared for exam… But But But just imagine the opposite result………All hard work wen into drain and again to start the same procedure of getting ready for my next attempt…..Frankly speaking Like everyone my expectation is also for good result bt don’t what my fate got plan for me……….Ohhh Menn…. my hand’s are shivering….just imagine how much m tensed for my result…..GOD I got only one request If it’s the Bad result plz plz plz gv my parents the power & strong heart to accept the truth as they got lot of expectation & also future planning based on my result…I can bear the pain of the result but not the sadness in their face………So do take care of my parents on that day…….
Like tis got many many mixtures of thoughts & confusion in my mind….Seriously tis CA result pressure is eating my day’s wid lods of tension & expectation….
I don’t have words to describe….
 I can only say that:-
Me in Sea, Hands & Legs are tied up, got no option but to swim and reach island…. ;( ;( ;(

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