Thursday, January 20, 2011


“Ocean, who is the source of all “
Today I thought of expressing my relationship with god & also make readers realize how GOD plays an important role in each human beings life.
We must of course be attentive to practical things happening in & around us, but we need not be too practical & busy in life that we forget GOD who is the creator of this world…
We all must understand one basic thing that we are more than material beings, we are spiritual beings expressing in this material world. This world is made up of substance were we all are helping in its evolutionary process. We are an essential part of this huge lifecycle.
So the statement which m trying to make is that life will take care of our needs if we are open to GOD…..When we are about God’s business, when we are in our right place, all thing work for good as it is what planned for us… So while making any decision & expressing your feelings to someone never ever fear for anything because it was god’s sketch blueprint & u acted accordingly. Remember, the consequence can be either you achieve whatever u desired or else gets a beautiful experience which god wanted us to experience and later on give in more exciting way the desired one. Be master of this way of life. TRUST GOD.
So I would like to conclude by saying that:
The awareness of the presence & reality of God is the source of all good. God can & will meet all my needs. I remain open to this beautiful life. I AM THANKFUL.

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