Tuesday, October 11, 2011

25 things about my Best Friend Manisha Pinto

  1. She annoys me to death. 
  2. I'm allowed to torture her. :P . 
  3. She keeps me from hurting the guys who likes her. Otherwise he would bleed. 
  4. She never listens to me…
  5. She never comes to me for any personal advice….lolz
  6. She's super nice, smart, beautiful, great, awesome, and amazingly wonderful. 
  7. Even on her bad days, somehow she remains beautiful, heart and all. 
  8. I can be nut so and crazy around her and never think twice about it. 
  9. She hates my walking style..;)
  10. she knows everything about me
  11. She hates if I lie to her
  12. She doesn't let me make fun of my name. 
  13. She's smarter than me 
  14. I trust her more than anyone 
  15. We have NOTHING in common. 
  16. We fight, but its always short-lived. 
  17. She is always there for me. 
  18. She’s AWESOME! 
  19. She’s honest. 
  20. She makes me feel weak whenevr she don't answer to my call or reply to messages.
  21. She forgives me when I make mistakes.
  22. She always knows what I mean when I speak.
  23. She is dependable, trustworthy and sweet.
  24. She has an answer for everything.
  25. I can talk about any and every subject with her.
I love her to death! Thx For being my frnd....

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