Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Things which I like in My best Friend Demetrius ( Pet Name Demet)

  1. He can always cheer me up. 
  2. We have tons of inside jokes. 
  3. His hand shivers whenever he talks to stranger particularly girls….lolz
  4.  We have 100020013457809 things in common. 
  5.  He has my back when I need him. 
  6. He makes me laugh every time i cry within 3 minutes.
  7. He HAS to tell me everything or he'd die 
  8. We hate the same people 
  9. I am smarter than him…lol 
  10. I trust him for whatever he do for me
  11. We had never fought in these 7 years of friendship…. (Touchwood)
  12. He is always there for me. 
  13. He’s AWESOME! 
  14. He is an awesome cook. 
  15. He puts up with me no matter what!
  16. He helps me grow up 
  17. He accepts me as a friend for who I am 
  18. He can make me laugh until I cry, every time.
  19. We both love the exact same things.
  20. He's the only one I feel comfortable telling all of my secrets to, and he feels the same about me. 
  21. We make up code words in the middle of conversations with other friends and we know exactly what the other person is talking about. 
  22. He'll always drop everything to help me. 
  23. His goofy laugh♥ 
  24. We can have hour long conversations about absolutely nothing 
  25. We're horrible to each other but we know that it doesn't mean anything. 
  26. He smile at my silly jokes.
  27. He praise me for small qualities.
  28. He never care about his future
  29. We both like watching movies in the theater..
30.  I love that you are my best friend in the whole world and always have been

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