Sunday, July 8, 2012

Love at First Sight

“No one believes in love at first sight, until that special person come along and steals your heart.”

When I thought of writing about love at first sight, I can only remember the true story of my close friend (Mr.XXX). I choose to write this because it was a normal incident occurred but I liked the way he narrated to me and so making small contribution to refresh his first love which unfortunately was unsuccessful for him.

It was one of the best Tuesday morning Mr.XXX experienced in his life as first time got the feeling of love for a girl.

As usual Mr.XXX got up early at 6.45 a.m., had breakfast and ran to catch bus as he was getting late for college which start exactly at 7.30 a.m. But he was late by ten minutes due to which had to stand outside the class and wait for bell to ring so that next lecture starts. As the class was in first floor there was least possibilities to admire the nature beauty so without any option left have to admire the human beings which included only students and college watchmen. As he was busy in admiring each one of them who passed by him and also those who were visible at far sight suddenly his sight stopped at one beautiful girl who came rushing towards class which is also at first floor but opposite to Mr.XXX class. “Is that my friend……… “This was his reaction when he saw her. Suddenly everything went blue. Every part of his body was freezed. He cannot see anything else other than that beautiful girl who was wearing simple sandal, brown Salwar kameez with bandani duppatta, having medium hair (Layer cut) and carrying bag. They both knew each other since 6 months but never felt for her such things but on that day her salwar kameez and simple look(as she always be in formal trousers & shirts) made him admire continuously without blinking his eye even for a second until the bell ranged. It was for the first time Mr.XXX felt like playing guitar & compose own song for that beautiful half hour moment which he spent just admiring her( Acually he never in his life touched the guitar). Something unique lightning blow in his mind and full day only her thoughts were running. Till date he had not been able to stop thinking about her.

Even today when he recollects that moment only one statement he makes “Wish I lived that moment forever in my life”

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