Tuesday, January 1, 2013


1.       To keep track  of my daily expenses
2.       To cut down leisure expenses
3.       To spend more quality time with family
4.       To stop saying unnecessary lie
5.       To stop taking any activity for granted
6.       To reach office by 10 o’clock.
7.       To cultivate habit of speaking in English.
8.       To stop having illogical conversation.
9.       To stop wasting time in all manner.
10.   To concentrate on upgrading my skills and competence.
11.   To join ICAI course
12.   To make a saving of Rs.1000000/-
13.   To sleep by 11.00 pm
14.   To learn cooking food
15.   To change my dressing style.
16.   To increase vocabulary knowledge.
17.   To make 100 new friends.
18.   To visit 10 new place.
19.   To invest in real estate.
20.   To get 5 new clients.
21.   To repay all my debts
22.   To make daily note of experience in draft (hotmail).
23.   To be a good daughter/ good friend/ citizen/professional.
24.   To have own 500 posts in my blog.
25.   To be thankful to god as going to support me for whatever resolution I promise to follow.

1/1/2013 11:51:31 PM           THANK YOU

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