Tuesday, October 11, 2011


  1. When I was young I worried that I would still be playing cricket when I was an adult, and it would make me an outsider…..
  2. I've never broken a limb or been in hospital( Touchwood) ;)
  3. My favourite ice cream is Kulfi
  4. I once ran away from home at age 6 with my neighbor child…..It is said by our parents tat v wen in a search of a man who gave us balloon
  5. I love sleeping late night
  6. I am afraid of the dark
  7. I like ma native place
  8. I love my family………..:)
  9. I love being in love
  10. I don't believe in love at first sight
  11. I have a problem with procrastination
  12. I appreciate my mother
  13. I think about my mistakes
  14. I feel lucky that I have been loved by my friends
  15. If I had the chance to start again, I would do almost everything differently
  16. I've never been cool. I kind of go my own way, which is un-cool, apparently.
  17. I remember me having chicken pox at the age of 8.
  18. I really really hate being sick.
  19. People who make me laugh fascinate me. Especially when its a sarcastic or caustic remark that does it
  20. I can't think of that many things to write about myself!
  21. My favorite actor Surya and Vijay & actress Asin, Sada( All from Kollywood)
  22. I always wanted to be in a real haunted house and have to stay the night with a group of my friends
  23. I love to read. Especially when its cold and raining and I'm inside
  24. I hate weddings. They're boring and stressful.
  25. I love mashed potato. Any potato dish really
  26. I can't sing, but I still love to anyway.
  27. I get a sore back pretty easily.
  28. My favourite color is blue, which is boring because almost everyone elses is too
  29. I love pillow fights
  30. I have a weakness for Mc’ds Filo-to-fish , Cheese popcorn & Coke.
  31. Non-veg food is my favourite
  32. I like music with sad lyrics. This does not make me permanently depressive, however
  33. I cannot keep my room tidy.
  34. I miss old friends sometimes but realise our parting was probably for the best
  35. I don't like football, soccer, tennis, the Olympics or anything competitive really
  36. I am not competitive
  37. I am good at gardening.
  38. I once caught a cricket ball in my hair and became the most popular player for the day
  39. I don't really like a lot of chocolate
  40. My favourite movie is HAHK, Any horror movies
  41. My boss once made me cry for not doing service tax calculation properly….It was fun
  42. Above all programs I worked, I hate Lotus Notes the most
  43. If I were a cartoon character, I'd be Olive oil from the Popye Show.
  44. If I were an animal, I'd be a Owl. As I go late to bed at night :)
  45. I'm passionate about music and have a pretty diverse taste
  46. I'm not in the least bit original, but praise others for being so
  47. I hate noise waking me up.
  48. I don't do walking.
  49. Rich food and a lot of laughs = the perfect night out (or in, depending) which I had wit my best frnds
  50. I miss my old life sometimes.

1 comment:

$tefK@T said...

how can u like asin ?? yuckkkkk
ur gud at gardening ???? i pity the garden !!
How many night outs hav u had .. really !?
'IF' u were a cartoon character ??
U R a cartoooooooooooon !!!
my comments can go on & on.. but i'd stop right now... & yo.. i liked it... 50 interesting facts.. nice to read them.. i dinno many of them :)